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Anthony Henday - Traveler

The bad reputation in Europe led Hendaye to America, where he became an agent of Hudson's Bay Company. Under her name traveled into the interior of Canada. Even in America, but did not enjoy a good reputation.

Anthony Henday (* around 1730, the Isle of Wight, England, † after 1762, England?) - Hudson's Bay Company agent, a Canadian traveler inland

It was only after decades that have passed since H. Kelseye ways, the English, represented the North American Society of Hudson Bay in the mid-18th century again perceived business opportunities in western regions of Canada. Sometime in the mid-18th century arrived in Canada, Anthony Henday, podloudnická whose activity was certainly good reason to leave Europe.

For a while he settled at Fort York in Hudson Bay and from there he went 26th June 1754 up the Hayes River to Oxford and Cross lakes, which flows through the river Nelson. On the advice Indian guides to the southwest began to flow to the lower Saskatchewan (22 7) and the fortified village of The Pas, by the French backwoodsmen. From there he continued with his Indian guides in the tributaries of Saskatchewan (Carrot and Red Deer) up to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, which until then none of the Europeans did not arrive. He spent the winter among the Siksika, which, in black moccasins called "Blackfoot." With a rich catch of fur in April 1755 after returning to Fort Saskatchewan, York, where he arrived in June 1755th

For further Hendayových fate we know little. The London Company's administrators feel no need to continue the systematic penetration of the prairies and mountains of the American West. Increased distrust of Hendaye constant disputes with his captains and sailors of English merchant ships. Former smuggler remained a man of ill repute.

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