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Eusebio Francisco Kühn

Namesake city in Mexico and the mountains in California, Eusebio Francisco Kuhn, came to America as a missionary.

KÜHN Eusebio Francisco (including EF Kino) (* 10 8th 1645, at Trent Segno, Italy, † 3rd 15th 1711, the mission Magdalena, Sonora, Mexico) - Austrian Jesuit missionary

In the New World began to operate the Jesuits in 1549, when the first missionaries of the Society of Jesus spoke on the Brazilian shore. The New Spain (Mexico) joined in September 1572 and worked there until the termination of members of this order in June 1767th For members of the Order was nešpanělské missionary work in America long closed, opened in November 1664th

End of the 90 the 17th century mission managed by the Northwest Mexico Eusebio Francisco Kuhn, from Trentino (about his nationality is disputed). During the Christianization of New Spain worked with him members of the Czech province of the Society of Maximilian Amarell and Adam Gilg-Jilek, a native of Rýmařov. Gilg-ryegrass Kuhn also took part in the expedition 1698-99, toured the area of ​​Sonora in northwest Mexico to the Gila River. Kuhn then penetrated to the mouth of the Colorado and continued his travels Lower California (1700) to the Pacific. From there he returned to his mission on the eastern shore of Gulf of California. He is credited with the observation that Lower California is an island but a peninsula. Cinema and the town bears the name of the bay in the Mexican state of Sonora and the flat mountain (1307 m) in California, but also one of California

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